The Remote_WorkEU partnership met in Madrid

The Remote_WorkEU partnership met in Madrid





The partners are now developing an innovative digital platform that will host the training curriculum and will soon start with the piloting of the courses. The training curriculum as well as all project results will beaccessible and free for all.

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria hosted the second Transnational ProjectMeeting in Madrid, in November 2022, where all partners contributed tothe discussions and made important decisions for the progress of theproject.

In the post pandemic era, it seems that the shift to remote work is here to stayand, thus, developing digital and remote working skills is more important thanever.

The project Remote_WorkEU aims at helping Small and Medium-sizedEnterprises (SMEs) managers, employees and new entrepreneurs to adapt tothe new working conditions. To achieve the objectives of the project, thepartnership is developing specific learning solutions for SMEs, integrating aself-assessment tool to evaluate the current stage of the digital transformationof SMEs, a handbook for SMEs staff who wish to use good practices for SMEsto work efficiently on online environments, and an online training course, aimingat the development of digital skills of the target groups and the support of thedigital transformation of SMEs across Europe.

Based on research conducted in all participating countries – Austria, Cyprus,Greece and Spain – the five modules for the training curriculum targeted atSMEs’ managers and employees and low skilled adults are ready!

The five modules are:

1. Digital transformation of SMEs
Change management
Internet security
Data protection

2. Digital business model and strategy
Entrepreneurship and innovation
Decision making strategies
Crisis management

3. Digitalization toolkit
Email communication programs
Project management programs
Networking through social media

4. How to work remote effectively
Work-life balance
Quick reaction to changes in the working environment

5. Remote work toolkit
Communication tools
Operational tools
Tools for internet security and data protection

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