The Remote_WorkEU project reached an important milestone with the publication of the “Current Status Review Report” based on Focus Group Discussions organized in all partner countries.

In the process of creating an online training course and a handbook to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to adjust and adapt to the new normal caused by the pandemic, a focus group discussion was organized in all partner’s countries in the framework of the Remote_WorkEU project. Participants in the focus group discussions included digital literacy experts, SMEs managers and employees as well as low skilled adults. The discussions focused on current and future needs concerning digital and remote working skills.

Following the presentation of the project and its expected results, participants were asked to contribute to the discussion and share their knowledge, experience and expertise on the skills necessary for remote working, on the effective use of digital tools and on their training needs. 

Participants also filled an online questionnaire regarding the use of specific digital tools and the need to develop the relevant skills for remote working.

Based on the main findings from the discussions in all participating countries (Austria, Cyprus, Greece and Spain), included in the following report, five Modules are going to be developed for a training Curriculum targeted at SMEs managers and employees and low skilled adults:

  • SME roadmap to the digital transformation
  • Digital business model and strategy
  • Digitalization toolkit
  • How to work remote effectively
  • Remote work toolkit


Read the Current Status Review Report here:

The project Remote_WorkEU aims at helping SMEs managers, employees and new entrepreneurs improve their digital and remote working skills. To achieve the objectives of the project, the partnership will develop specific learning solutions for SMEs, integrating a self- assessment tool to evaluate the current stage of the digital transformation of SMEs, a handbook for SMEs staff who wish to use good practices for SMEs to work efficiently on online environments, and an online training course, aiming at the development of digital skills of the target groups and the support of the digital transformation of SMEs across Europe.

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