The project Remote_WorkEU aims at helping SMEs – SMEs managers, employees and new entrepreneurs – adjust and adapt to the new normal caused by the coronavirus outbreak by improving their digital skills and remote working skills. Business owners worry about communication problems, employee isolation, data security issues, and diminished productivity. These challenges can be solved with the right technology and few best practices.

To achieve the objectives of the project, the partnership will develop specific learning solutions for SMEs integrating:

  • Self-assessment tool to evaluate the current stage of the digital transformation of SMEs and their ability to work remotely;
  • handbook for adult staff, as a guide for trainers who wish to develop a training methodology and use good practices for SMEs to work efficiently on interactive online environments;
  • training course, completely delivered online, aiming at the development of digital skills of the target group as well as to support the effective design and digital transformation of SMEs to work remotely.
    The project has a duration of 2 years (2021 to 2023) and is funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

The partners of the project are:

  • FH Joanneum, Austria
  • GrantXpert Consulting, Cyprus
  • Fundacion Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Spain
  • Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Greece
  • Athens Lifelong Learning Institute, Greece


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